HolikaHolika: Heart Ful Moisture Lip Stick - Sweet Coral, Baby Beige, Kissing Red [Review]

April 17, 2013

♡   Heart Shaped Lipsticks by Holika Holika!

I honestly don't know why I hadn't tried this brand before. They are extremely cute, smooth & bright, Affordable too! They're a bit small, tho. Maybe it's because I'm used to regular sized lipsticks. So please keep this in mind when purchasing. They're 3.8g!was slightly disappointed when I opened the package and saw the little box/tube. However, I am honestly in love with these, regardless of their size is. They are moisturizing. Thus they wont make your lips look dry or flaky, which is a huge concern of mine with lipsticks since they (mostly) make the little cracks on your lips more visible. Oh, and they come in SO MANY SHADES! *Squeals* I seriously just want to own them all.

• PROSThey are HEART SHAPED ~ ! 
I mean, If this doesn't win your, hehe, then I don't know what will! This shape actually makes it easier for your to paint your lips without going out the... lip lines? Ah! They're very pigmented, which is a HUGE plus for me, Lasting & smooth!

• CONS: I think they're a bit tiny. :'<  But to be honest, that's about it! I mean, seriously.
Heart Shaped > Everything else! Hehe ~

 Take a look at the adorable pink & shiny packaging! It kinda bums me out the the little heart on the top is very frail because I do enjoy keeping all types of cute packaging in general. So I advice you not to toss it in your purse! 

From left to right: Kissing Red, Baby Beige, Sweet Coral.

I will repurchase! Did you fall in love with these too? Which shade is your favorite?

| OhdearMilk's Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ |


  1. I have baby beige if I'm not mistaken and i really liked it! Did you right my review? These lipsticks are super cute <33

    1. I really want more of these, they're just so tiny! I want to try the moisturizing gloss? It's a different one that has a rainbow box apparently! Sometimes I wish I lived close to Asia. Maybe the shipping would be faster! Haha~ and link me princess! <3

  2. Thanks for the review! These are adorable!! <3


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