TONYMOLY: Cat Chu Wink Lip Stick *RED CAT* [REVIEW]

March 4, 2013

RED CAT has got to be one of my favorite 'evening' red lipsticks I currently own. Not only is it really soft and moisturizing, it doesn't make you teeth look extremely yellow! I think it's due to the light blue hues.

The fact that it's not THAT of an intense Red  makes it perfect for everyday wear. However, If you're looking for a Shocking bright Red then I believe this isn't for you.  If you're indeed more of the timid type, then I really recommend this one! I'm really shy when wearing lipstick during the day, why? I don't know! Haha, I just am. I prefer to wear lip-gloss. It's more, subtle?  Thank god for the Tonymoly's bunny glosses for that! I do wear lipstick but it's mostly during speacial ocassions/events/hangoust or photoshots.  Now this Cat Chu Wink Lip Stick line has made me rethink my lipstick wearing taste! ♡

• Pros: The packaging is EXTREMELY adorable. Could you really need anything else? Haha, no but honestly... I'm a terrible sucker for cute things! Even MORE if they're cat-liked ~ If you want to add something extremely cute to your makeup bag, than this just might tickle your fancy.  Also, it moisturizes! No more dry/cracked lips due to yucky thick lipsticks ~

• Cons: One of the few bad things is that it wears out fast. But who cares? It's just the best excuse to pop out this cutesy & get plenty of complements! (ノ´ー`)ノ

I'm most certainly going to hoard all the available colors soon enough! I tell you, cute kitty themed anything will be the end of me!

★ I got these Over at RUBYRUBYSHOP for only  $7.99 USD ~

Swatch Time! 

Isn't it Adorable!?
Do you already own any Cat Chu Wink Lipsticks? What's your favorite color? 

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