TONYMOLY: Cat Chu Wink - Crazy Tint Stick [Review]

March 10, 2013

CRAZY BLUE is one of my most used everyday lip wears. TonyMoly claims the color changes depending on your lips PH & perhaps, maybe that's why I love it so much, because it matches with my skin? But then again, I've seen a couple of other reviews already and noticed that the outcome is always a pinkish hue, so perhaps maybe I'm crazy! ♡ Anyhow, it is a lovely color regardless. Ah, and like all the other lip wear in this brand, it is indeed very moisturizing! Not a lip gloss & it's certainly not a lipstick either. It's more of a lip balm. However, it's quite lasting! ...and staining? I do leave every straw & cup with a cute little pink hue where the lips has touched.

Pros: As always, the packaging, SO ADORABLE! Wouldn't you want them all? I know I DO! You can wear this during the day or during the night. It doesn't really matter! It is LASTING. Which is also a HUGE plus. Also, it is VERY affordable. I bought this as a 3 piece set over at bigclothcraft for $20.
It came with the RED CAT Lipstick & the Cat Wink Mascara!

Cons: It has a weird taste but then again, this isn't meat to be eaten! Though it's supposed to be Melon... ? idk.
Also, is very fragile, maybe because I didn't stored correctly it? It melted a bit. Not really, just tilted a bit. That was a bit of a downside. Oh well!

Swatch Time! 
It doesn't do it much justice because it's so light!

How do you feel about this balm? 
Too bright? Too icky tasting? Regardless so pretty! ♡

|OhdearMilk's Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡ |
Because It melted, but I will repurchase! 


  1. The packaging is so cute!
    I have the feeling that lip balms always tend to melt when they arrive to our super heated island. :(

    1. I mean, it wasn't like dripping... Just tilted, so when I closed it I somewhat scratched on the side thus making it look weird... But it really is a pretty color! & really worth it! :3
      Damn heat, it's going to w summer soon too! I should postpone ordering lip things for a while then! Haha~

  2. Your blog is looking great and these reviews are quite sweet as well. You're such a strawberry spring child!

    1. ♡ ♡ ♡ Thank you princess ~~~~~ :'3

  3. i have the yellow one, and the outcome is different for me and my friend.
    for me it's more red, but for my friend it's pink.
    *noooo...., why oh why.... :( i want pink or orange lip, not red... :((((*

    1. Haha, do you have picture? I'd love to see!
      I LOVE reddish colors, so I might get the yellow one too, soon! :3


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