DAISO: Charcoal Marsk [REVIEW] ★

February 27, 2013

~ I bought a few charcoal masks over at eBay the other day because I've been reading amazing things about them! (Yes, I'll forever be a Facial Scrub/Black Head remover junkie!) When the products finally arrived in the mail, the first thing I obviously did was try them on! 

Wow, Did I just fell in love! 
It's actually really good. I mean, a part from the HUGE mess I made trying to apply the mask & removing it, it was actually very effective.

Ignore the fact that I retardedly put on my glasses for the last after photo I was in a hurry! But as you can see all the little hairs and dirt removed. It did kind of hurt, the peeling off part... BUT that happens with all peeling masks! Please remember to steam up your face first, so your pores are much more open so the peeling mask works best to remove all the dirt in those clogged up pores!

★ PROS: CLEAN FACE! No more icky hairs and it did remove a few of my nose blackheads. 

★ CONS: IT'S SO MESSY, EVEN WHEN REMOVING. I ended with all my fingers black stained. Though that's about the only con. I could find. 
Also, Daiso is like this dollar store & I did get this for $10 So perhaps it's a bit, overpriced? but still worth it. 

These little packs are basically the same, though they did fool me into thinking they where actual strips! Still, very good.

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  1. Nice Review, this product looks similar to the Kose one I use ^^


    1. Ah, I must definetly check that out then! ❤
      Is it any better? :3

  2. aha you are so adorable hun! awesome review. gotta try this out ! ^_^

    1. Yes! It's really good ~ & Thank you so much! ♥


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