TONYMOLY: Petite Bunny Gloss Bar Juicy Cherry [Review]

July 20, 2012

- 04. Juicy Cherry
This Grumpy bunny has been my newest favorite gloss ever since the first day it arrived on the mail! Why? Well, because it's so adorable, portable and most importantly, it's a bunny! They don't sell adorable things like these on Wallgreens, now do they?!  “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” 
Ahem... but seriously, 
It's a gloss that doesn't leave you're lips looking all shiny and sticky. Oh, and it lasts. 
Unless of course you're eating or drinking, then you'd have to reapply. But even then, the gloss leaves a little tint behind that wont make your lips look naked  when it does get worn off. This is also a huge plus because to be honest it's quite a hassle going out and reaching to your purse every 10 minutes because your gloss isn't looking shinny, or your lipstick isn't very colorful anymore. Does anyone have this same problem too? ~ In any case, if you want something shockingly bright I wouldn't recommend it. If you want something you can use during the day, work, school, college, etc. this would be perfect.

It also comes in many other colors, with different cute faces. I want to buy them all! They're affordable too. It also smells good. Now, Where to find it? Head on over to Ebay or look for this Sellerbigclothcraft.

i. Applied / ii. Faded

• Cons: Your teeth might appear a bit yellow, due to the lack of blue pigmentation on the gloss.
Just remember to use your weekly whitening strips!  

| OhdearMilk's Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ |


  1. Hi!! I read this Tonymoly product review.
    It was nice :-)

    and your lips are so cute!!

    And I'd like to introduce for you. I sell Tonymoly products in ebay.

    so, when you have a free time, could you visit my store? hahahaha

    and I will do check your blog. your posts gives what I can check Tonymoly items to me.

    if you feel uncomfortable about my comment, I'm sorry!!

    Have a nice monday.
    see ya~


  2. Thank you for your review they're so cute
    Just followed you btw:)

  3. you always find the cutest things on the web that are also functional~ <3 (just in case it's Frances from FB and Lolita-Ragdoll from DA....but shhhhh :P)


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