SKINFOOD: Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea [Review]

May 22, 2012

What is a BB Cream? What is this holy cream that Asians craze so much about?
Or at least that's what the media portrays.  After getting this little sample pack on the mail (Thank you Cosmetic Love ♥ ) I went and did a little research on my own.

A BB Cream is a Base (Blemish Base or Balm) Hence the two B's on the name, originally used to protect the skin after laser or surgery procedures. Ironically, even though it was invented in Germany, it is mainly sold by Asian Markets. Supposedly this is the secret of those Flawless Korean faces. 

Now, I've never tried any BB creams before, this would be the first time trying a product like this. I apologize for any negative comment before hand, this is my own personal opinion.

I am very Impressed! Perhaps there might be better BB creams out there, but this one worked pretty swell for my first! The Smell gives out a hint of lemon, which i found to be extremely good, I've come across creams the don't smell at all as the description states.  Also, it is very refreshing! Now, this works just like a base. (You'll still need to use concealer, and perhaps a bit of powder) But It did leave my skin with this Korean actress glow. Amazing! 

 Cons: It doesn't hide those black eyes. (But then again, it is just a base!) and you might need to shake well? before using. Also, it has Limited skin colors, I've only seen it Light beige and Natural beige.
It worked fine for me because my skin is very fair color, but if your are slightly tanned, you might not be happy with this. Other than that I can't really say anything wrong with this product.

It lasted through the day and most importantly I didn't leave my face feeling cakey or sticky.
(Like the L'OREAL True Match, this is the one i regularly use.) 

Now, Will I purchase? Definitively!
Do you have any questions? Opinions? Don't be scared to leave a comment!

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