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May 19, 2012

Moon Prism Power!

Ever found yourself saying those words out loud only to fail in your attempts to transform into a beautiful Sailor Senshi? 
Well, I have.
Sadly I Still haven’t been able to transforn up until this day!(Well, not quite.^^’)
Kumacrafts is this adorable Etsy shop I magically found one day browsing through Sailor Moon Posts over at Tumblr. 
InmediatelyI layed eyes on these amazing brooches (Though, they have other types of adorable necklaces, not just Sailor Brooches!)I HAD to purchase them. Pre-Order them to be exact.

I’m so impress with the little details, and stones Mandi places on each of thelockets!Shows dedication right there!

They are quite affordable, 
These ones where 25$ each, excluding shipping. 
Let me tell you, if you are a true Sailor Moon fan this is nothing compared to those imposible prices over at Ebay to get the original toy lockets or wands.

I sure hope she keeps up the good work,Much success to Kumacrafts! So dear followers and Sailor Moon fans, take a long peak ~

Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!~ ★

Moon Cosmic Power! ~ ★

The thank you card came with a little coupon that had 15% off my next purchase!I really hope she keeps making these little jewels. 

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